Professional Services

Future Senze provides you with unmatched professional services for every phase of the product life cycle and all of your technology needs. Our experts are here to help from the design and proof-of-concept phase to the implementation, deployment, and maintenance of your solutibri. And we tailor any of our service offerings to fit your budget and business objectives.

We assess and optimiza your storage infrastructure

Future Senze provides assessment services for your existing infrastructure and processes to better understand how your data is being stored and distributed on your network. We then recommend optimizations that will structure your data in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

We install globally

We offer global deployment services to guarantee proper installation and configuration of your systems. Our highly trained team of technicians will complete your system installation at any location, at any time. In fact, we’ll send a member of our team to any data center in the world</p> <p>and provide services for you. We offer fixed packages, as well as fully customized support services.

We conceptualize, design and integrate

Our certified and seasoned systems architects are experienced in planning and designing an optimized infrastructure to meet your business goals. We provide project documents that detail the plan, system design, integration, and testing of your new solution. Working with our professional services team ensures your solution will integrate seamlessly and operate properly with your current infrastructure.

We consult with your teams

Our team of experts are more than just technologists — they know business too, and can develop strategies for your IT plans and assist with the difficult decision-making process. We solve issues and overcome challenges at any level of your IT environment. With Future Senze as your technology partner, you will receive focused attention to help meet your business objectives seamlessly and cost effectively.

We offer specialized, managed services

Future Senze offers a suite of Managed Services to assist with your IT projects and provide a more cost-efficient process for managing your storage and network infrastructure. By leveraging our Managed Services, your IT department can focus on more important projects, like growing your business. Our team of experts can manage your data center and storage and networking environments to help cut costs within your organization. We offer the following Managed Services:

Managed Data Center

Managed Network

Managed Security

Managed Computer

Managed NOC

Managed Storage

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery