Data Center

Whether you have hundreds of servers or thousands of servers along with hundreds of terabytes of storage, we have the right data center options for you. Our technology professionals can help with data center offerings that include:

Storage infrastructure

Your business must pay attention to the ever-changing needs of your storage environment. Future Senze creates scalable, cost-effective systems for growing companies that will minimize expense but maximize availability, growth, and performance.

Data migration

We help you keep up with the demands of new technology. Our trained engineers and support specialists help you efficiently migrate data in-platform and between platforms for tiered access or for the retirement of legacy systems.

Data center monitoring

Keeping a pulse on your data center will help you discover problems before they cause downtime or other data disasters, or have an adverse effect on your applications and users. We can provide solutions and products that offer end-to-end monitoring along with independent unit tests for each part of your data workflow to ensure the highest performance and availability around the clock.

Data virtualization

As your business grows, we can help you consolidate huge volumes of data on legacy and disparate systems to enable your users to continue expanding transparently while remaining on budget and, in many cases, recognizing substantial cost savings.

Infrastructure consolidation

We provide advanced solutions that lower the overall power, cooling and physical footprint of your systems so you can maximize the potential of your data center. Future Senze engineers always recommend the best customized options and solutions.

Backup & recovery

We can audit your backups to ensure that they are functioning within reasonable windows as well as ensure that your system can scale cost-effectively. Our specialty is creating systems that dramatically shrink the time required between time of failure and time to recovery thus ensuring your business continuity.

Disaster recovery

A resilient disaster recovery plan is critical for companies to function in unexpected situations. From building redundant active environments to the maintaining of failover infrastructures, Future Senze can provide materials, expertise, and technology to maintain a primary, secondary, and/or tertiary set of environments to provide connectivity for your business.

Logistical and warehousing services

We have unmatched logistical services with more than 500,000 square feet of strategic warehouse space to handle product logistics for you, including repairing and redeploying failed systems, as well as e-waste recycling services and the resale of legacy systems.