What is cloud hosting?

The mantra today is not IF your company will adopt a cloud strategy, it is simply 'when and how.' Companies have to decide on the right cloud-computing environment forheir particular situation and We-can help.-We're experts at building cloud infrastructures, and even before cloud became a buzzword, we were on it. Future Senze and our industry-leading partners will provide you with a range of cloud service options.

Together, with our partners such as Symantec and Cisco, we offer cloud solutions that will help transform
your business, increase your productivity, and reduce your operational costs.

Public Cloud

We offer public cloud solutions through our partnership with companies like Open Cloud, Google, Amazon, and other best-of-breed partners. This is a great way for you to test-drive cloud services. A public cloud solution can offer on-demand computing and storage infrastructures for your business data.

Private Cloud

We offer private cloud solutions that include pre-validated configurations for any size environment. These private cloud approaches include solutions such as FlexPod, Express Pod, VSPEX or VCE Vblock. Partnering with-city best-of-breed hardware and software partners, we ensure your private cloud is pre-validated and optimized. This increases your business responsiveness, enhances security, and improves application deployment.

Hybrid Solution

If our standard option doesn't fit your needs, we can create a customized hybrid solution that is hardware and software agnostic and we can have it fully configured in our demo labs so you have the opportunity to ensure the configuration is exactly what you require. We can also design and implement a solution that combines key components of both public and private clouds, thereby offering you scalabilit'y, flexibility, and security.